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henyang Zhongda International Trading Co.,Ltd is a multiple-exporting company which was  established in 1985.
    Mainly exports products are as follows:
    Rubber processing machinery, building machinery, wood working machinery, light industrial machinery, foodstuff processing machinery, mine machinery,metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery, agricultural machinery, transport machinery, hoisting equipment, various machine tools,press equipment, electric motors,bearings,forgings and castings hardwares, various light bulbs, batteries, communication materials, graphite products,motor cycle parts, auto parts, chain, rack gear, sprocket,ships and vessels, cars and planes, rolling stocks, and variousequipment systems, textiles and garments, light crafts, hand made products and so on.  Total export amounts to 20 millions US Dollars per year.
    The products have been exported to over 20 Countries,i.e.:Japan,Malaysia,Singapore,Korea,America,Canada,Chile,
Germany,France,England,Saudi Arabia,UAE,Pakistan,Australia,Austria,Belgium,Colombia,Egypt,Mexico,New Zealand etc...

    We are ready to develop extensive cooperation with friends from all over the world in flexible variegates trades modes,such as compensation trade,tender,joint venture,joint venture,cooperative,processing with supplied drawing,samples and materials,etc.

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